May 072012

What perverse incentives exist to prevent Sun/Oracle from streamlining Java installations on Windows?  They have FAQ items that have been unresolved for years.  Don’t tell me you can’t reproduce them; I can.  You’d think that routine professional curiosity would impel them to troubleshoot a live customer issue.  Sheer laziness.

I had a workstation today that would not install the 6.0_update32 JRE, getting the error “error 2753 regutils.dll”.

Sun/Oracle’s ‘troubleshooting’ is worthless.  Nobody else’s was any help, either, though.  JavaRa gave it a good try. (Seriously, you just have a comprehensive list of registry keys and files/directories to delete.  That’s all.)

So, fire up procmon, include “msiexec.exe” and see what pops up….

Simple enough.  The installer thinks there’s another conflicting existing installation:

Delete the registry key (and subkeys):



So, why can’t Sun/Oracle release a utility to clean up all traces of Java?  Laziness, pure and simple.  This has been a pain for admins for years.  Fix your installer.

cf the .NET Framework Cleanup Tool

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