Mar 032012

I was on a conference call last week, and there was a terrible echo.  It was oddly distracting and made it difficult for me to speak.  I was going to mention it to the other parties, but it sounded more like a cranky irritability than anything, and I was kind of embarassed to say anything.

Well, two days later, Drudge linked to “Japan invents speech-jamming gun that silences people mid-sentence“.

“The device works by recording its target’s speech then firing their words back at them with a 0.2-second delay, which affects the brain’s cognitive processes and causes speakers to stutter before silencing them completely.”

So I’m not some weirdo who gets distracted by echoes.  It’s science. I feel better.  (Unless it doesn’t actually work, of course.)

Now, wouldn’t it be funny to have some iPhone/Android/whatever malware that did the same thing, rendering people unable to speak into their own phones?  They could speak as long as they’re not listening, too, turning the phone into a walkie-talkie.

That’s as funny as my relative when 3-way calling first came out.  He’d call a Chinese restaurant and a Vietnamese restaurant at the same time and let them fight over who called who.  “You call me! I no call you!”

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