Jun 252008

Sick of cable.  Sick of paying for cable.  Sick of the worthless shows on cable.  Sick of entire swaths of channels on cable.  Blockbuster‘s deal is fine — $20/month for 3 movies out at a time.  For regular TV, the only shows worth watching are House, Lost, and Family Guy, and I’m going to get them over the air.   I have to switch my Internet access to AT&T DSL first.  Goodbye, cable!

Now, per month: $100 for cable.  $40 month for cable Internet.  $20 month for Blockbuster. ($160/month)

Later, per month: $0 for TV, $25 for AT&T DSL.  $20 for Blockbuster.  ($45/month)

Difference: $115/month.  $1380/year.  After-tax money, obviously.

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