Apr 062008

I encourage most everyone I talk to to view the online Stanford Energy Lectures given by Amory Lovins, of the Rocky Mountain Institute.  There are five lectures of about an hour and a half per, and Amory is an interesting speaker.  It’s great knowledge and pertains to efficiency in general, not just electrical.

Consider a 10-step production series where each step’s output is the next’s input.  People tend to think that making each step 10% more efficient would result in overall savings of 10%.  Actually, the overall savings are 65%, since .9^10=0.35 .

That’s why I like to remove as many computer systems as possible.  When you have a server computer you have to physically house it, power it, cool it, insure it, warranty it, document it, monitor it, patch and maintain it, secure it, and back it up.  You also have a different vendor agreement and support escalation path and contact numbers.  And staff the admins to do that, which gets expensive.  If you have some old 200GB Snap server, but you have a new 4TB SAN, copy the old files over, and get rid of the Snap server.  That’s less to maintain, and your UPS and generator last that much longer.  Get rid of as many systems as you can, by attrition, moving, or virtualization.

So, go watch the videos.  They’re worth your time, I promise.

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