Nov 182007

Sometimes you’ll see a movie or read a book, and you’ll think, “Man! I wish I had written that!” This is one of ‘em. The key to a good movie is to be able to empathize with the protagonist.  Have you seen “Basic Instinct 2?” What a spiteful piece of crap. You don’t care if Sharon Stone’s character kills them, or if she gets killed, or if everyone dies. JUST EVERYONE DIE AND GET THE MOVIE OVER WITH!

Now, really good movies let you empathize with more than the protagonist. Like A Simple Plan. You don’t have to like the character, but you have to care about what happens to them.

All of the major characters in The Lives of Others are sympathetic. Even the scummiest of them I could understand. This is the best movie I’ve seen this year.

The Lives of Others


Should be “Looks like a 50th.”

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