ESXi Linked Clones

Easy way to create linked clones in ESXi (equivalent to Hyper-V differencing disks): Caveat: »

Java 2753 regutils.dll error

Java 6.0_update32 JRE -- "error 2753 regutils.dll". Sun/Oracle's 'troubleshooting' is worthless. Nobody else's was any help, either, though. JavaRa gave it a »

RDP Cookies

Windows terminal server (remote desktop session host) environments needing load balancing and high availability may use 3rd-party load balancers to distribute initial connections and persist further »


Cryptoclans rock. This Perl script takes as input a pipe-delimited file where: each line is a puzzle the first field is the topic each additional field »

C - Assignment vs. Equality

I routinely browse the openbsd-cvs mailing list, and I saw this easy openbsd-cvs bug fix "Fix a stupid bug in tcpdump print-bgp.c" the other night »

Resume in Markdown

It used to be a sign of technical prowess to compose a resume in LaTeX -- you wanted to take the extra effort to make a »

SCOM to Nagios Migration

Merely as a thought experiment (I like SCOM and Nagios both), if one were to implement Nagios, Icinga, et al., to cover the same functionality as »